able industries, established in 2010 is a mission driven enterprise having a solid and unique vision. the strong adherence to mission & vision has led able manufactures towards the path of shining success. the mission and vision help by able industries clearly express the long term plans of the company.

let's explore the world of raden the synonym of classic bath fittings. raden a brand having inherent aesthetic appeal. the whole range of faucets that seduces stimulates and stuns people. raden has not only upgraded the taste for bath fittings but has become a benchmark for the whole industry. it makes bathrooms conspicuous. raden is both an inception and conception by able industries the makers.

The Vision

being innovative and focussed on designing and developing faucets of high quality with a strong drive to customer value.

The Mission

to be the leader and pioneer in faucet industry and to change the bathroom ambience by introducing classic conspicuous bath fittings of raden brand, without causing harm to nature and environment.


raden is always striving to create value and exceed customer expectations through continuos product innovation and cutting edge technologies, to ensure performance and longevity, all raden products undergo numerous tests. raden’s well-equipped r&d centre has the latest instrumentation and 3d modeling design software to carry out design functions and define technical specifications.

production process be it mould making, casting, grinding, polishing, electroplating, and finally, testing and assembly, raden has the complete manufacturing process under one roof in a fully integrated plant. the factory is also constantly online with the marketing team, and engages in demand forecasting, using market information plus trends to predict to predict demand

Leader In Design & Quality

each and every industry has its core requirements core competences. the able industry understands this fact very well. designing and zero defect manufacturing are the two core competences required in bath fittings and faucets industry.

hence, able industries has come up with a never before, bold and beautiful designs that look unique and versatile in function. raden things are ergonomically designed to make user feeling contented.

made in a highly sophisticated, state of the art manufactu-ring facilities, they are always faultless and zero defect. rather, they are the benchmark and standard of perfect manufacturing. raden, made from selectively procured and finely finished brass, look like ornaments of bathrooms. the trademark itself speaks of unmatched quality and attractive appearance.